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Some Important Causes for Blood in Cat Stool

Sometimes you may find bright traces or fresh tinges of blood in cat stool. This is a very common disease found in pets mainly in dogs and cats. Many people confuse this condition which is called as hematochezia with melena. Melena is the term given for the presence of dark and tarry colored stools. Both have different etiologies and are not caused due to the same disease.

The presence of blood in stool may be due to some minor problem in your pet or unfortunately it may also be due to serious fatal disorders like cancer or any other similar terminal disorders. Repeated bowel movements or diarrhea should never be ignored and should be investigated as soon as possible. Some of the important causes for bloody stool in cats are given here.

Bacterial Infection

Bacteria like salmonella, E Coli and Clostridia cause bloody stool or hematochezia. They produce colitis which causes the presence of blood in the stool. While clostridia can be identified using fecal sample tests, the other two bacteria can be identified only by culture tests.

Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites like hook worms, tapeworms and round worms may also cause hematochezia. Though coccidiosis is unusual to be found in cats you can verify this by doing a stool sample for their presence.

Toxic substances

Sometimes the kittens may accidentally ingest poisonous substances like for instance rat poison or any other chemicals like house cleaning agents that lie about within their reach. These also cause the appearance of blood in stool.

Intestinal polyps

The presence of polyps both in the lower intestinal region as well as the rectal area causes blood to appear in the stool.


Another serious and fatal cause is due to the presence of malignant tumors in the intestine especially the lower bowel region.

Other diseases

Presence of colitis, inflammatory bowel disease and other intestinal disorders may also cause blood in stools. Allergy, ingestion of certain antibiotics and allergic foods may also cause bleeding. Clotting disorder may also lead to internal bleeding which is seen as blood in the stools.

Together with the presence of bloody stools you will also find vomiting or diarrhea. If you find these symptoms you have to consult the veterinarian immediately. Sample tests done will confirm the presence of any of the above mentioned disorders. Other diagnostic tests like a fecal and rectal examination, ultra sound of the abdominal region, radiographs, blood coagulation tests etc may also be done if necessary.

Treatment options include prescription of antibiotics if infection is present or a change in the diet and a combination of both in some cases. The diet should be modified into a high protein and low fat diet with more fiber added. Dietary supplements as well as vitamins like B12 are also suggested in certain cases. A hydrolyzed dry diet is recommended in case of inflammatory bowel disorder.

Presence of blood in cat stool is a serious condition and should be treated immediately. Prompt treatment will help to treat the disease completely, restoring the cat to its normal health.

4 Responses to “Some Important Causes for Blood in Cat Stool”

  1. cindy says:

    what can we do with a 6 month old kitten that has blood in her stool?

  2. Regina Ross says:

    I am concern about my cat. She had a bowel movement and it had blood in it with a foul odor. Is it caused by a change in her food. My daughter got her some cat food but it wasn’t the kind I usually get. I get her the kind for indoors because she stays in the house.

  3. I’m concerned about my cat he’s 11 1/2 years old he is loosing weight but eats and drinks good. He’s been having lose stools just the size of a chocolate chip in size and bloody he’s weak and falls alot, he looks like he explodes everywhere when he’s walking to his litter box in the bathroom. we know he’s old vet told us before not much to do but he out lived my dog who passed of kidney stones in his bladder. But were concerned what we should treat him with to help him get comfortable and make the bloody stools stop he’s a good cat.

  4. Dog Breeds says:

    This is a very important piece of information for cat owners. Very impressive writing.

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