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Top 10 Most Dangerous Large Dog Breeds

In a study that was currently carried out, it was determined that there were up to 4.7 million dog bite cases in every given year in the US. Another study confirmed that at least a thousand Americans are treated on daily basis in emergency rooms from dog bites and sadly, a greater portion of these victims were children who were mostly injured on their faces. In the year 2006, 30 persons were reported to have died of fatal dog bites out of which 14 were children. In 2007, the number climbed up to 35, out of which 18 victims were children. In 2008, 23 deaths resulting from dog attacks were recorded out of which 16 were child victims. The death toll in 2009 rose to 32 deaths, 20 children inclusive. In the year 2010, 33 deaths were recorded and 20 out of it were children.

It has also been said that virtually all dog breeds are dangerous but there are some breeds that are rated as the most dangerous. In the year 2000, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) carried out studies that confirmed that approximately 25 breeds of dogs were responsible for causing 238 dog bites that were termed to be fatal and this was between 1979 and 1998.

Listed below are top 10 most dangerous dog breeds. They are:

• Presa Canario: This breed of dog is known to have originated from Canary Islands in Africa. It weighs an average of 100-125 lbs with height of 25-26 inches. This dog breeds were originally trained to participate in warfare and also hunting. The dog is a mixed breed of Mastiff and Bulldog which explains its massive strength and fearlessness. Presently, they are mostly used as guard dogs and in herding cattle.

• Doberman Pinscher: This breed is originally from Germany and weighs between 65 and 90 lbs on the average, with height measuring 26-28 inches. These dogs were bred to defend and guard their owners. They don’t take lightly to violent play or any form of aggressive play. Once it feels threatened by any intruder, it attacks immediately.

• Husky: This breed is originally from the ancient Siberia and weighs an approximate 35-55 lbs and 20-24 inches in height. Since the training of this dog is very complex owing to its nature, first time dog owners are advised not to go for it. They are known to spend most of their time in the company of dogs of the same breed and engage in howling at the moon.

• German Shepherd: This dog breed originated from Germany with an approximate weight of 70-85 lbs and height of 22-26 inches. They are brave and confident in nature which is why they are used by the police and also used in guarding sheep during grazing.

• Alaskan Malamute:This breed of dog originated from ancient North America, it has an average weight of 80-110 lbs and 23-28 inches in height. They are known to be very energetic which if they don’t get the opportunity to play or exercise, they use their strength in destructive acts which could be very fatal. Since they are bred to work, they are used to cold weather which makes it necessary for its owner to provide a good playground for it to exhaust most of its energy.

• Rottweiler: Originally from ancient Germany, this breed of dog weighs 85-110 lbs with its height measuring approximately 23-27 inches. They are endowed with tough jaws which it combines with its extreme strength to protect its owner and itself alike. They are known to dislike other dogs and people they have not met before.

• Pit bull: This breed of dog is from the US and weighs 55-65 lbs with an average of 18-22 inches height. This dog is known to have been bred mainly for fighting and sadly, they are still being used for such purposes. It is naturally brave and fights head on with any kind of opponent and once its jaws are locked on their prey, they remain like that till they are sure the prey is dead. There have also been reports of people being mangled to death by pit bulls.

• Dalmatian: This dog originated from India, Balkans to be precise. It weighs 40-70 lbs and its height measures 20-24 inches. They are known to enjoy running and other outdoor activities. They serve various purposes to various persons, which includes fighting, hunting and herding.

• Boxer: This is an ancient Germany originated dog breed. Its weight is between 50 and 70 lbs while its height is at 20-25 inches. Studies have confirmed that this breed of dog is stubborn in nature which makes training one a difficult task but with the application of certain strengthening methods, one is able to make the dog respond positively to training.

• Chow Chow: This dog originated from China and weighs 40-65 lbs and its height at 18-22 inches. It was originally bred for purposes of hunting and herding. This breed of dog is known to mind taking care of its needs and dislikes disturbance of any nature. Exercises are part of its daily existence and this breed of dog does engage in it as often as possible.

5 Responses to “Top 10 Most Dangerous Large Dog Breeds”

  1. Anthony says:

    I recently read an article discussing the numerous misconceptions regarding large dog breeds, aggressiveness and dangerousness. The author of the article argued that large breed dogs are gentle and kind, although I tend to disagree to an extent. If we are talking about golden retrievers and labs, then that’s a completely different story…but large breed dogs in general are more dangerous than small to medium sized dogs, in my opinion.

  2. tom says:

    What makes golden retrievers and labs a completely different story than other large dogs? Disregarding temperament retrievers and labs are just as big and weigh as much as other dogs. And who’s to say that other large breeds can’t be kind and gentle? How is that reserved only for retrievers and labs? They are dogs after all and will attack if they feel scared or threatened.

  3. OpachiPitBullz says:

    Dalmatians?? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zeph says:

    this always makes me mad. Pit bull is NOT a breed. It as a group of breeds. They actually did not originate in America, but in europe. If you mean the american pit bull terrier, or the american staffordshire then say the actual breed.

    “once its jaws are locked on their prey, they remain like that till they are sure the prey is dead.”

    This is a myth. Their jaws do not lock. Pit bulls are not the vicious killers people believe them to be.

    Any dog can be dangerous with the wrong owner. Any dog can be good and loving with the right owner. It all depends on the person who owns the dog. I have met many small dogs that I would not even try to pet, but I have never even been growled at by a big dog. I have approached pit bull mixes in the street, without a growl or a show of teeth. Again, it depend on the person involved. There is no genetic that makes a dog mean.

  5. Zeph says:

    i forgot to address the other dogs

    I agree presa canarios are currently dangerous, but not all of them. This is only because they are mostly used as guard dogs, so there isn’t a large amount of dogs trained to be a pet and not a guard. As with other breeds, when treated as a pet it can be friendly and well adapted.

    Dobermans: ‘They don’t take lightly to violent play or any form of aggressive play. Once it feels threatened by any intruder, it attacks immediately.’

    My family has dobermans all over the place and has for many years. Never once has one bitten or attacked. When treated as pets rather than guards, most dobermans I have met act tough but are really just big tough looking scaredy cats.

    other than that, this is fine. I still don’t believe that labeling certain breeds as dangerous is fair, but the rest of thee information here is agreeable.

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