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Top Spanish Male Dog Names and Their Meanings

Spanish names have a nice way of rolling off your lips and there are so many cool Spanish names that you can choose from for your pet dog. Whether it is a Spanish breed like Galgo or Sabueso or even non-Spanish breeds you cannot really go wrong with a Spanish name, unless of course you give a female name to your male pet dog.

You can choose names based on several associations such as famous Spanish sportspersons, Spanish composers, all-time popular Spanish male pet dog names, etc. You can do so in honor of your own Spanish background if such be the case.

Some cool Spanish male dog names for your perusal and to choose from; make note of the spellings too!

• Augustin – A grand name; it implies majesty. Fit for larger dog breeds.
• Alano – Think you’ve got a good looking dog? Then, give him this name. It means “handsome” in Spanish.
• Bartolome – Here’s an earthy name suitable for working dogs. You can name your Belgian Malinois Bartolome, it means “Ploughman”.
• Blanco – Got a handsome dog with a fawn coat. Call him “Blanco”, that’s Spanish for Blond, or how about Alano Blanco, that makes it handsome blond!
• Charro – If it’s a sheepdog, consider Charro; that’s a common Spanish nickname for cowboys.
• Cortez – The English variant of this name is Curtis – the courteous one. Maybe good for a show dog of any breed.
• Demario – A sweet name that means “gentle”; gentle hulking giants like Alaskan Husky or small gentle dachshunds.
• Dali – Think your dog has an eccentric streak; why not name him after Salvador Dali?
• Ernesto – This one’s self-explanatory. Get it? C’mon it means “earnest”. All dogs have this endearing quality.
• Fabio – It means bean grower. So maybe if you’re one and your parents named you Jose, you can call your dog Fabio.
• Faro – This name refers to the popular card game. Apt for a puppy you won on a betting table.
• Gabrio – This one translates to “God is my strength”; you remember your God every time you call out to your dog.
• Garcia – Another name that’s a tribute to a sterling canine quality – bravery in battle.
• Gaspard – So you love and treasure your pets? Call your dog Gaspard; that’s Spanish for treasure.
• Hernando – Into hunting? Got a Golden Retriever? This name means adventurous in Espanol.
• Isidro – If you find your pup to be resourceful and full of clever ideas, then consider this name because that it is exactly what is implies.
• Juanito – That’s “John” in Spanish – it means gracious gift from God. Gift Juanito to your religious mother-in-law.
• Julio – It means “Young” or “Youth” in Spanish. Good name for the smaller dogs.
• Leon – Easy one. It means “Lion”. Ideal name for a Lowchen or a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
• Lucero – If the pup has light eyes or shiny fur or brought light into your lives; call him Lucero.
• Mano – It means “God is with us”. A dog in the time of need is often like a Godsend, no doubt!
• Mario – A fighter! If you think you’re dog is one, go for this name.
• Nemesio – Vengeance! Call your poodle this if you’ve got a sense of humor or your boxer if it goes after your slippers with a vengeance.
• Neron – It means “Strong” or “Strength” in Spanish. Got a muscular breed? It’s a good name.
• Oliverios – If you have brought home a Vizsla or an English springer spaniel, you may consider this name, it means affectionate and these breeds are noted for this quality.
• Pacorro – It means “free” in Spanish and if you’re pup is a free-spirited one, probably a cocker spaniel then this is a sweet sounding appropriate name.
• Porfiro – That’s Spanish and that’s unique. It means purple. Good luck in finding a dog with a purple coat…that’s why it’s unique.
• Quique – He’s the ruler of the home. Has he won over your hearts? Does he always have his way? Then give the pup this name.
• Rafael – Another theological reference – it implies that God heals. And yes, God often does that by sending us a pet dog. Very true!
• Raimundo – A great name for any breed of guard dogs. It means “wise defender”
• Sancho – It means Saint. Got a Saint Bernard?
• Silverio – Does the pup love to scratch at trees or tries to climb them? This one means “Lover of trees”
• Teodor – Spanish variant of the English Theodore. It means “God Given”. A sweet name for an adopted stray, perhaps?
• Vito – It means life. Got a bouncy, lively pup? Consider this short and sweet name for him.

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