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Dog Insurance -The Top Five Most Expensive Pet Dog Conditions

Dog Insurance

dog insurance

Dog insurance is a great way to protect against known as well as unknown dog health related issues. And the usefulness of such insurance is really highlighted when we consider the costs of the top five most expensive dog conditions. And please know that these are not out-of-the way rare conditions.

1. Canine intervertebral disc disease (I.V.D.) – The intervertebral discs lie between the vertebral bones that make up the canine backbone. Hernia and tears can appear in these discs because of age or accident. The condition is also known as a ruptured disc. It can be either chronic or acute. The spinal cord cannot transmit signals as it gets pinched because of the herniated disc. Symptoms include pain, paralysis, and loss of bladder and sphincter control. Certain dog breeds are more susceptible to this condition; these include corgis, basset hounds, beagles and breeds with elongated backs. Tests, medication, and surgery and hospital costs can be substantial and run into thousands of dollars depending upon the severity of the condition.

2. Lung cancer – Dogs get cancer at more or less the same rate as us Homo sapiens. Cancer that originates in the lungs is comparatively rare in dogs. But dogs that have been around for a decade or more are more likely to get cancer. Exposure to pollution and second-hand smoke are considered contributory factors. Brachycephalic breeds are at greater risk of developing cancer from smoke pollution. Typical costs of lung cancer treatment include around $250 for diagnosis, chemotherapy costs that can touch $2000 depending upon the number of cycles and size of the animal. The minimum cost of surgery is around $1500. The stage at which the cancer is and its type are other factors that influence cost.

3. Bloat – Bloat or gastric torsion in dogs is a serious and life threatening condition that often requires emergency surgery.Having a good dog insurance policy in place beforehand will safeguard you from unforeseen problems ahead. . Big dogs that gulp down food, especially dry dog food, are at greater risk from this condition. Great Danes, Weimaraners, and St. Bernard’s are some of the breeds susceptible to this condition. The stomach twists leading to a loss of blood supply to the heart. Evident pain, firm abdomen, weakness are some of the symptoms of the condition. There is no satisfactory treatment for the condition; prevention by giving the animal smaller meals is the best alternative. An emergency gastroplexy with stomach resection or splenectomy can cost up to $5000.

4. Cruciate rupture – A cruciate ligament rupture at the knee is one of the most painful conditions that your pet dog may have to endure. The vet can diagnose the condition by feeling the animal’s knee and an x-ray, if required. Early treatment is essential to prevent the condition from degenerating into arthritis. Two commonly used surgical procedures are tibial plateau leveling osteotomy [TPLO] or tibial tuberosity advancement [TTA]; the latter being the more advanced method. The extra capsular imbrication technique is the cheapest alternative and will rarely cost more than $1200. TTA can cost up to $2000 and TPLO can set you back by $3000.

5. Foreign body ingestion – Dogs used to foraging in dumps and inquisitive about tasting every thing in the house that they can clamp their jaws on are very susceptible to the risk of ingesting foreign bodies that can obstruct or injure the gastrointestinal tract. A loss of appetite, drooling, and excessive drooling are some of the symptoms of the condition. Diagnosis requires a blood test, X-ray, and often the use of a tracer material like barium. Treatment is via endoscopy or surgery. The total cost can touch $2000 plus the expenses for rehabilitation and care at home.

Having dog insurance is one way to protect your pet if any major illness shows up during your pet’s life. It is a small price to pay for piece of mind and taking the best care of your furry family member.

Dog Insurance

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