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Pet Burials or Cremations – Which Are a Better Choice

Our pets are like members of our family and the bereavement at the loss of a pet is intense. The human-pet bond is a very strong one and ancient pet cemeteries that still survive are mute witnesses to the depth of feeling that man has always held for his pets.
What is born must die. It is an immutable law of the universe and when the inevitable that must come to all of us comes to our pets we have a choice – pet burial or cremation.

Ultimately, it is a matter of choice and personal idiosyncrasy. There is no definite good or bad but depending upon your circumstances one of the two may be a better choice for you.
The remains of a badly injured pet are perhaps better taken care of by cremating them. If time is of concern to you then a cremation can serve your purpose better. It is not easy to spend time with the mortal remains of your beloved pet for longer than it is absolutely necessary. Burial services need to be arranged for, a cremation on the other hand can happen swiftly. Pet hospitals may have a crematorium, and if you lose your pet there you can arrange for a cremation in little time. A cremation allows you to carry the pet’s ashes back home with you in a cask or an urn. For some, this is a way to stay connected with the animal that has been a part of their lives for years. The returning of ashes may not be possible with mass cremations.

Pet burials are a more elaborate process that require a little bit of preparation. The pet burial service has to be informed so that a plot for the animal can be reserved. A headstone and plaque in the material of your choice will have to be prepared. The service can pick up the pet’s body from the vet or your place or you may choose to take it to the burial ground. You can choose to place the pet’s favorite chew toy or plaything in the casket along with it. A burial offers you the chance to visit the animal every time you wish to in order to lay a wreath or just spend some moments in silence with it, reminiscing about the sweet times spent together. If a pet’s passing over is imminent, you can make preparations for the burial in advance.

This information regarding pet burials or cremations is of relevance to all pet parents. Both services can be tailored to suit your needs and your budget. These are advertised online and availing the service of one is easily done.

Whatever be the mode of putting your pet to rest, burials or cremations – a respectful goodbye is in order. It helps lessen the pain of bereavement and can act as a catharsis to get over the tragedy. Say adios because this is most certainly not a goodbye. For sure, all pet parents and their pets meet again in the happy hunting grounds where they wait for us.

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