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Hurricane Emergency Planning for your Pet

At the very outset let us be clear that leaving pets locked inside to weather out a hurricane while pet parents move to higher ground is not a good idea, not even if it has worked for you earlier and you have returned home to find your pets safe. A little thought tells us that this is a stressful ordeal for the animals. Pet parents need to do hurricane emergency planning for your pet.

Here are the things you need to do when you consider hurricane emergency planning for your pet.

The first thing to do is to get a pet carrier ready for smaller pets; have a leash and collar handy. It is recommended that you have your pet microchipped, this will help in easy identification when you wish to pick up your pet from pet care centers after the storm has subsided. At the very least, the animal should be wearing a collar that carries its name, age, and address details along with your phone numbers. Keep prints of the pet’s photos with you. Carry the animal’s vaccination records with you when moving out to a hurricane shelter; it is a compulsory requirement in many shelters that accept pets along with human inhabitants. Ensure that your pet’s vaccination schedule has been adhered to. Ditto for renewing the pet’s city license.

Prepare a kit in advance that is stocked with all the stuff that your pet may need over the next two-three days that it will spend outside its familiar surroundings. The kit should include food, clean drinking water, medicines, chew toys, playthings, litter, litter box, a can opener, an extra leash, and anything else that you may consider necessary. All the stuff should ideally be placed in a waterproof container. The food should be non-perishable, but all packaged stuff comes with an expiry date, so ensure that the eatables and water are as fresh as possible.

Sign up for lost pet information bulletins online as a precautionary measure. Download and install an app or two so that in a worst-case scenario of you getting separated from your pet, you can spread the word and enlist the help of others in the area.

Look up pet care shelters and hurricane shelters in advance, head to the one most appropriate for you. Ideally, if the two are located close by, you can visit your pet there during your stay at the hurricane shelter. Pet care shelters have fixed timings for pet parents that wish to see their pets.
It is understood that hurricane emergency planning for your pet has to be done well in advance, because you need to put thought into it and get things ready. Once everything is in place, you only have to execute the plan should the need arise. It is hurricane season right now and the denizens of coastal towns and cities in the U.S need to ensure that they are up to date with hurricane emergency planning for their pets.

Execute the hurricane emergency planning for your pet in a calm and composed manner. Pets have the extraordinary faculty of understanding our feelings and if we are uncomfortable or tense, it can rub off on them.

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